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by Brissa Chavez posted 05/27/2015

2015 Little League Day @ PETCO

SD Padres vs Washington Nationals!!

Sunday May 17th 1:30 pm

Tickets still available,

contact our Team Parent Coordinator Megan Pendleton directly


Parade Starting Location: 7th Avenue between K Street and L Street. Participants will be staged outside the Western Metal Building and Padres representatives will be on hand for directions.

Parade Start Time:  11:45 a.m.  - Teams and coaches can start lining up beginning at 10:45 a.m. Participants must be in line no later than 11:30 a.m. in order to participate in the parade. Corals will be labeled by league name, so look for your posted league name to know where to line up. Anyone arriving after 11:30 am may not be able to participate in the parade if turnout is greater than anticipated.

Who Can Participate:  Only Little League players and coaches will be able to participate in the parade. Each team will be allowed two coaches. Coaches will be responsible for their team throughout the parade and until their teams are in their seats or paired back up with their parents. Due to the large number of attendees expected, we cannot include parents (other than coaches) in the parade.

What To Wear: All participants (including coaches) should attend the parade dressed in their team jersey and tennis shoes. (No cleats will be allowed on the warning track.)

League/Team Banners: Team and/or League banners can be presented during the parade. Banners cannot contain any corporate or sponsor logos and must be able to be folded away during the game. Poles to hold up the banner will not be allowed.

Parade Route:  The parade will start through the Western Metal Building breezeway entering the playing field at the Left Field foul pole. The parade will make its way down the Left Field Line, around home plate, up the Right Field line, exiting the playing field at the Right Field foul pole. Participants will exit the building through the Team Member Entry and be directed to re-enter the Ballpark through the Park Boulevard Gate or East Village Gate.  Participants must remain on the warning track at all times and will not be allowed onto the grass.

In order to get the large number of participants through the parade route in a timely manner, the Padres ask that coaches keep their team moving at all times. No pictures will be allowed to be taken during the parade.

Please Note:  Each parade participant should be in possession of their game ticket. Although tickets will not be scanned prior to taking part in the parade they will be required to have a game ticket to participate.  The parade will end outside the gates of Petco Park. Participants will re-enter through any gate and will need to have their ticket to be scanned upon re-entry.  Coaches should be prepared to stay with their team and escort them to their seats or back to their parents after the parade.  Each child must present a valid game ticket in order to enter.

by Brissa Chavez posted 05/14/2015
LGLL Movie Night

by LGLL Board posted 04/24/2015
LGLL Housekeeping

Hello everyone !!
All team sponsorships are due by no later than April 18th. The sponsorship for each team is $250 and it is mandatory. Please contact your team manager with any questions.

**PLEASE remember the code of conduct you signed during registration for you and any guests you bring. If you need to read it again it's under Forms and Handouts!! Thank you !!


One last thing FAMILIES of LGLL lets keep our fields clean!! When you see trash pick it up. If you have trash please put it in the trash cans PLEASE pick up after yourselves and your kids. And dont shy away from asking your guests to do the same.


Lets treat LGLL Fields as we do our home!!

by LGLL Board posted 03/25/2015

Lemon Grove Little League Apparel

by posted 03/31/2014
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